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Sustainable Travel Star

Win £5 by inspiring others to switch to healthier and greener travel habits

The Changing Steps Cardiff challenge allows everyone who works or studies at Cardiff University to earn BetterPoints and win prizes for walking, cycling and using public transport. One such prize is the 'Sustainable Travel Star'. Mukul was chosen as our latest winner and received 5,000 BetterPoints (£5) for sharing his story. For your chance to win £5, download the app via the buttons or QR code at the bottom of the page!

A former student and now employee at the University, Mukul hadn’t properly considered the environmental impact of his travel choices until he discovered the Changing Steps Cardiff challenge. Here is what he had to say about the positive effect the app has had on his travel choices and carbon footprint.

Before joining the Changing Steps challenge, what were your travel habits like?

“I didn’t use to walk or cycle a lot. If I was going to meet friends or go to a restaurant in town, I would get a taxi. I would do this for very short journeys even.
I heard about the challenge at the students’ union. I found it really interesting from the off.”

How has the app helped you to travel more actively and sustainably? What features do you enjoy?

“I like that it automatically knows the mode of transport I’ve been using. I receive a notification not long after my journey and I simply have to tap to confirm. The fact it is easy to use in general is a key reason for using the app.
It’s also great knowing what sort of environmental impact I’m having with the CO2 emissions feature. For a particular route, I’ll try out different modes of transport and see which has the biggest carbon saving. If I ever use a car now, I feel particularly bad for the carbon that I’m generating. If more people knew about their carbon footprint I think they would be more encouraged to choose alternatives to the car.
Not long after joining the challenge I decided to get a bike. As there are cycle lanes in lots of places around Cardiff it has made the transition to cycling quite easy. Even when I’m without my bike, I can use the OVO bike hire to cycle short distances, which has been helpful in firming up my active travel habit, as well as the app.”

How have your travel habits changed?

“I’m walking or cycling distances of up to 5 miles now. I’ve stopped using taxis and public transport for short journeys of anything around a mile.
There has been a shift in my mentality. Leading an active lifestyle has become natural to me.”

Have you noticed any benefits as a result?

“The major benefit is that I never fall sick anymore. I think this is partially to do with the regular exercise improving my mood and making me less stressed. I can walk and cycle much further distances than I could previously.
“I’m saving money on my transport, so there’s the economic benefit as well.”

Not yet earning rewards for walking, wheeling, cycling and taking public transport to campus? To join Changing Steps Cardiff simply download the free BetterPoints app via the buttons or QR below, register with your e-mail, and tap Challenges to get started.

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