Students walking and cycling on campus

Stay Active for Exam Success

Changing Steps Cardiff participants can win a coffee every day and earn an extra 300 BetterPoints a week during the exam period. To get involved, simply:

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Stay Active for Exam Success

Staying inside all day to revise might feel productive, but it is really important for your health and wellbeing to spend time away from your desk and get outside.

Going for a walk, run or cycle helps supply oxygen to the brain and release tension, helping you to keep calm and study more effectively.

So why not try a walk to the shops or a jog around a local park to break up your studies, clear your head, and be rewarded?

☕ Walk, wheel, run or cycle for 10 minutes between 13 May - 14 June to earn entry into our daily prize draw for a £2.50 Costa Coffee voucher. You can earn up to 3 tickets a day, so if you can get active for 30 minutes you will stand a better chance of winning.
💯 Walk, wheel, run or cycle for 10 minutes on at least 4 days a week to earn a 300 BetterPoints bonus - that's TEN TIMES your regular points earning!
⚡🚲 Plus, by signing up before 24 May you can enter our prize draw for a Momentum e-bike worth £2,499 or one of TWO 50,000 BetterPoints prizes - that's £50!

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